Spring Semester Update

Spring Registration

The fall semester ends on December 21st. The spring semester begins on January 4th.

To register for next semester, currently registered students should send an email or text saying that you plan to participate, no later than Thursday, December 17th. (If you have multiple students in the program, please confirm which will be continuing.)

If we don't hear from you by December 17th, we'll assume you're taking a break from the program for the next semester, and we encourage you to do what works best for your family. You'll stop getting weekly communication from us, but we will still include you on major communication about the program, and you're always welcome to get in touch about continuing instruction.

Scheduling and Communication

All programming will remain virtual. You may receive new links to access programming in January, but all procedures for scheduling and communication will stay the same.

Community Programming

To support music students throughout the community, Peaslee will be offering virtual music tutoring sessions to students referred to us by partner arts organizations next semester. This will not affect current students' instruction.

We will be inviting these students to join group activities, so you may see some new faces, and to avoid confusion, we will temporarily be calling the program the Music Program rather than the Piano Program.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

20-21 Online PIano Program

Program Information

The 20-21 Online Piano Program includes:

  • Group sessions like Rhythm Yoga, Pitch Perfect, Practice Power Hour, and Studio Class, as well as virtual performance opportunities.

  • One-on-one check-ins during teacher office hours. Students sign up for these from an online sign-up sheet. You can cancel or reschedule as needed and sign up for the number of sessions that work for you.

  • Access to Peaslee’s music lending library. All books are from the Faber & Faber Piano Adventures series, and a teacher must assign the student a book to be loaned.

  • Extra resources - flashcards, study sheets, equipment for online learning - to be picked up at Peaslee Neighborhood Center during designated times.

How does it work?

After you register, you’ll receive regular emails with sign-up links for group sessions, teacher office hours, and other activities. We’ll ask you to sign up in advance, but what you attend and how often is up to you. If you sign up for a session and can't make it, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. We encourage you to have conversations with a teacher about what you hope to accomplish in the program and what kind of guidance you want to receive.

Peaslee Piano is offering a Certificate Track for students who want to work consistently on Peaslee’s piano curriculum and certificate materials. We recommend that students who choose this track have no more than one other extracurricular activity, including school-based music and arts programs. Students in this track are asked to commit at least 3-4 hours per week (depending on age and level) to practice and study in the Faber & Faber Piano Adventures books and Peaslee's certificate materials, and to very consistent attendance and preparation. For more information, please contact the Piano Coordinator at piano@peasleecenter.org.

Registration & Orientation

Friday, September 18th - Registration for fall programming opens.

Youth students (high school and younger) must complete two forms in order to register.

Click the links below to access the registration forms:

  1. Piano Youth Registration Form

  2. Piano Scheduling, Equipment, and Music Questionnaire

Adult students should email piano@peasleecenter.org for registration information.

Friday, September 25th - Preferred Registration Deadline

Completing registration by this date ensures that we can have materials ready for you during the week of the 28th (see below). We will accept registration on a rolling basis beyond this date.

September 28th-October 2nd - Pick-Up Week/Office Hours Begin

Students can pick up orientation packets from Peaslee Neighborhood Center during designated pick-up windows. Teachers will also have virtual office hours for students and parents to re-connect and discuss goals for the upcoming year.

October 5th-9th - Group Sessions Begin

You will get more detailed information, schedules, and sign-up links 3-5 business days after completing your registration.

Please note we are only accepting students who were enrolled in the 19-20 Piano Program at this time. Other students may be eligible to participate in group sessions if there is space available. Please email piano@peasleecenter.org for more details.


We understand many families are going through financial uncertainty at this time and that online learning is new territory for you and for us. Because of that, our tuition for the 20-21 program year will be pay-what-you-can.

Below you’ll find guidelines for what you might contribute, but you may contribute any amount you like, on any timeframe you like. Payments will not be tracked and will not affect students’ access to programming in any way.

To make a payment online, use the button below, or mail or drop off a check or cash at Peaslee Neighborhood Center.

Suggested tuition for one student

Family of 4, with income at or below Per Semester Per Month

$35,000 $80 $20

$50,000 $140 $35

$65,000 $220 $55

$80,000 $280 $70

Full Tuition $350 $88

Suggested tuition is based on the typical rate for music instruction in our area ($25-30 for a private 30-minute lesson, $10-15 for a group class), reflects income scales similar to those used for free and reduced-price lunch and other sliding-scale services, and assumes you use most services in the program. We encourage you to adjust for your individual situation.


For questions or more information, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Peaslee Neighborhood Center: 513-621-5514

Email: piano - at - peasleecenter.org

Text: All program text messages are sent and received through Remind. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information about enrolling in Remind.