Level 1B Certificate Materials

The Practice Materials below will help you learn everything you need for your certificate. The Badge Exams show you what we'll use to evaluate your skills and knowledge when you're ready to earn a badge. When you've earned all your badges for this level, you'll receive your certificate!

Practice Materials

Note Reading Badge

Use the practice flashcards below to learn your notes. The first set is self-paced. You turn the card when you're ready. The next is timed - it turns automatically at a slow speed. The next turns at a medium speed. The next turns at a fast speed.

Rhythm Badge

To earn your rhythm badge, you will need to:

  • correctly answer all of the flashcards below.

  • tap and count rhythmic examples like the ones below. These are just practice examples. You will be asked to tap new examples.

New Rhythm

Review Rhythm

Level 1B Rhythm Examples

For help with counting rhythms, check out Counting 101 here.

Vocabulary Badge

You'll need to know all the vocabulary from this level and previous levels to earn your badge.

New Vocabulary

Review Vocabulary

Performance Badge

To complete your Performance Badge of your certificate, you must:

Choose two pieces from this list.

  • Come See the Parade
    (Lesson pg. 50)

  • Copy Cat
    (Lesson pg. 60)

  • Lemonade Stand
    (Lesson pg. 64)

  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
    (Performance pg. 30)

  • Trumpet Song
    (Performance pg. 28)

  • The Happy Stream
    (Performance pg. 25)

  • Any song from the PreTime supplemental series.

Practice them until they are performance-ready.

Perform these pieces in the lobby at the end of your lesson. Whoever is in the lobby is your audience! (You do not have to perform both on the same day.)

Badge Exams

That's right - you get to see the test before you take it! When you're ready to earn a badge, we'll use these Badge Exams to evaluate your skills and your knowledge. A few things to notice:

  • You won't see the answer cards during the exam. You'll complete the whole set and find out how you did at the end.

  • The exams include all the information from this level and the previous levels.

  • The note reading exam is timed - you'll need to identify each note before the card turns.
    The other exams are untimed, but you should be able to provide the answers quickly and confidently.

  • You get to see the exams in advance just so there are no surprises. But our flashcards may be in a different order, or we may ask for slightly different information than what you see here. Be prepared and flexible!

  • You need to get everything 100% correct. If you don't, you can always try again next week. The standard is high, but you have unlimited chances to meet it.

Note Reading Badge Exam

You have to be able to play the correct note, in the correct octave, and name it before each card turns.
Your teacher may also ask you about finger numbers and key names from Level 1A.

Rhythm Badge Exam

This badge exam has two parts. First, flashcards from this level and the previous levels.

Second, you'll need to tap and count rhythm examples like the ones in the practice materials above. These will be new rhythms that you have not seen before. You will be given some time to look them over before you tap them.

Vocabulary Badge Exam

This Badge Exam has all the vocabulary from this level and all previous levels.

Performance Badge Exam

To earn your Performance Badge, you select music from the list above and perform it in the Peaslee lobby after your lesson.

In order for it to count as a performance badge, your teacher will ask the following questions:

  • Were all the notes, rhythms, dynamics, and articulations correct and audible?

  • Was the tempo appropriate and steady?

  • Was the playing smooth, with no stops, re-dos, or hesitations?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, you earn your badge. If not, try again next week!

Book Badge

No exam for your Book Badge! You'll get it when you finish your Primer Level Piano Adventures Lesson Book. Teachers may suggest review or supplementary materials before, during, or after your time in that book.